About Us

Setting standards for respectful, responsible conduct has been the benchmark for our approach to safe, sane, and consensual play. We strongly encourage our guys to play safely. We also expect them to play sober, to be respectful, and to clean up after themselves.

Everyone wants to have ffun—and LOTS of it. Let's face it, we're away on vacation and we want to let our hair down (those of us who still have some) and really enjoy ourselves. So we tend to use a bit more "enhancement" than we might otherwise. We want to encourage everyone to leave the party drugs at home. But if you must indulge—whether it be favors or alcohol—please do so responsibly and in moderation with respect for our fellow guests. Leather cleaner is cool, but remember that it is not compatible with medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction and with many heart medications. Combining them can result in serious injury or even death. Consult your physician, do some research, and be careful.

Likewise, we've come a long way in our knowledge base when it comes to the risks of fisting and transmission of diseases. We're asking folks to play responsibly and safely in the public play spaces and encouraging you to do the same in the private ones. Please have frank, open and honest discussions with your play partners.